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Mental Health Services

The foundation is the non-profit entity of Resolutions 4 People created in honor of Mr. Gary Davis Jr.  We also provide financial assistance to those individuals/families in need of the foundation’s services.

Our Services

Through the implementation of our programs and services, we will offer individuals/families the resources necessary to address their personal issues using research-based strategies that enable clients to reach their personal/life goals.

Resolutions 4 People also offers services-related programs to military families and their dependents. This program is an intense therapeutic intervention designed especially for combat veterans and their affected family members.

Current Partnerships

Resolutions for People has the following Memorandum of Understandings (MOU’s) with: Frances Howell School District, St. Louis County Courts Prosecuting Attorney’s Division, Beyond Housing and Mer’s Goodwill Re-Entry Program. Please feel free to contact our office staff in you’re in need of any Mental Health or Substance Abuse services.

Our Mission Statement

Resolutions 4 People’s mission is to act as a change agent for those individuals and families dealing with mental health illness and/or substance abuse through high quality research based care, proven treatment strategies, and ongoing assessments.


We are committed to providing quality care/treatment which results in a better life balance for those needing mental health illness/substance abuse treatments. The ultimate goal is to formulate individual treatment plans for our clients utilizing research based strategies and resources that enhance their ability to function appropriately in society and also elevates their personal self-esteem and independence.


It is our social responsibility as a health care provider to assist community members with issues such as mental illness/substance abuse issues. We are committed to offering research based, high quality service to those in need of such services, as well as, the strategies and resources necessary to ensure continued positive results.

Who Do We Service

Resolutions 4 People offers services for children ages 5-11, adolescents ages 12-17, and adults ages 18 and older that’s been diagnosed with a mental illness and need individualized services while coping with their illness.